About the Photographer


Until recently, Shan Lin was a free-lance photographer based in central United States. She has traveled extensively throughout United States, Canada and parts of Europe on assignments. As a Bishop Scholar, she graduated summa cum laude from Southwestern College with a special interest in Film Making and Photography. Shan Lin was Photo Editor of the collegian newspaper. In 2005, she received Special Mention for Sports Photography from the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press (KACP). In a nationwide Photography Competition by Photographer’s Forum - one of America’s most influential photography journals, Shan Lin was twice a finalist of 62,000 entries in 2004 and 2005. As an undergraduate, her photos have often been featured in leading photography magazines and newspapers throughout the United States. She covers a wide range of photography interest to include sports, action, still-life, nature and portraits. In America, she has been commissioned for commercial and special occasion photography. Shan Lin is now back in Malaysia after 6 years to capture the essence of what is uniquely Malaysian. She is working on a compilation of local photographs to capture the distinctive images of Malaysia for publication.


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